MITS 2023 and The Center for Student Success

The 2023 MITS is just around the corner, promising a day packed with insights, networking, and career opportunities at the intersection of business, marketing, and technology. This year’s event is made possible through a dynamic collaboration between MITS, the Business Technology Club, the Kennesaw Marketing Association, Women in Technology, and the invaluable support of the Student For Success Centers and CASS.

The MITS is a standout event hosted by the Marketing and Professional Sales Department alongside the Information Services Department in the Cole College of Business. MITS is designed for KSU students keen on exploring careers at the crossroads of business, marketing, and technology. It’s a one-day immersive experience that offers a deep dive into potential employers and internship opportunities in your field of interest.

A Collaborative Effort for Student Success

This year, the MITS has joined hands with the Center for Student Success, marking a significant milestone in empowering students to chart their professional course. This partnership extends the reach and impact of the event, providing students with an even more comprehensive experience.

What to Expect

The day kicks off at 8:30 AM with registration and networking, setting the stage for a day filled with invaluable insights, engaging presentations, and fruitful connections. The event culminates with the highly anticipated Case Competition Awards at 3:30 PM.

Academic Benefits

For those seeking academic recognition, attending any presentation during the event earns students 1 elective credit in BUSA. Flight Academy will efficiently process and credit participation, enhancing the academic value of your attendance.

Earn an MITS Innovation & Technology Badge

Taking your learning a step further, attending at least 4 events during the MITS Conference opens up a unique opportunity to showcase your newly acquired skills. By earning an MITS Innovation & Technology badge, you can confidently display your expertise to potential employers on LinkedIn, solidifying your position as a forward-thinking professional.

Get Ready for a Day of Growth and Opportunity

The collaboration between MITS and the Center for Student Success ensures that this year’s event is poised to be an unparalleled platform for student success. Don’t miss this chance to broaden your horizons, make meaningful connections, and gain valuable insights that could shape your career trajectory.

Mark your calendars for November 3rd 2023, where the power of collaboration between MITS and the Center for Student Success is set to transform your academic journey into a career-launching experience. Register now and be prepared to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

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