MITS sponsorships

Why you should sponsor MITS:

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: MITS brings together marketing and tech students to work collaboratively on real-world challenges. By sponsoring this competition, your company promotes a culture of cross-departmental innovation, mirroring the interdisciplinary approach that drives success in the modern business world.


Nurturing Fresh Ideas: Your company gains direct access to exceptionally talented students who offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to marketing and tech challenges. Sponsoring MITS provides an excellent opportunity to tap into new talent and drive creativity within your organization.


Enhanced Brand Visibility: As a sponsor, your company’s logo and branding will feature prominently during the competition and associated marketing materials. This heightened visibility not only enhances your reputation but also showcases your commitment to nurturing young talent.


Invest in Education and Growth: Supporting MITS demonstrates your company’s dedication to education and professional development, resonating with conscientious consumers who seek partnerships with socially responsible entities.


Access to Top Talent: MITS serves as a talent pool for identifying potential future employees. Engaging with participants during the competition facilitates networking opportunities with some of the brightest marketing and tech minds.


Stay Ahead in Web 3 Strategy: MITS integrates cutting-edge Web 3 technologies, including blockchain, decentralized applications, and tokenomics. By sponsoring this event, your company gains insights into the latest advancements in marketing strategy and customer experience.


Collaborate with Industry Experts: Your sponsorship grants you access to collaborate with esteemed faculty members and industry experts. This fosters meaningful connections and potential partnerships that extend beyond the competition.

Want in?

This competition sets itself apart from your average web3.0 or marketing strategy competition by focusing on the collaboration between marketing and technology necessary for innovation and success in the web3.0 world.

Other competitions and programs take a one-sided approach to this emerging cross disciplinary field. KSU aims to bring the disciplines together to better prepare our students for their careers and equip them with the skills and experience necessary to become leaders in Marketing & Technology Innovation.

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