The MITS 2023 will take place on Friday, November 3rd, and this time we’re bringing you a powerhouse of expertise from Synovus! Join us for an illuminating discussion on “Innovation and Your Career” led by distinguished panelists who are leaders in Marketing and Technology Innovation.

The MITS (Marketing Innovation Technology and Strategy) event is a unique platform that bridges the gap between marketing and technology, providing students with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of business.

We are excited to welcome Synovus as a sponsor of this MITS event. The Synovus team will be leading a MITS panel discussion from 10:40 am – 11:40 am, and you won’t want to miss it!

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Meet the Panelist:

Laura Johnson, Senior Director, Business Analytics, Sciences & Insights Solutions, Synovus

With over 22 years of experience in behavioral analytics, Laura Johnson spearheads the Business Analytics, Sciences & Insights Solutions (BASIS) team at Synovus. Her expertise lies in driving bottom-line value through best practices in data science and advanced analytics.

Matt Martin, Director, Digital Marketing, Synovus

Having spent over 15 years in digital marketing, Matt Martin brings a wealth of experience to Synovus. His forte lies in creating and executing digital strategies, managing MarTech platforms, and optimizing campaigns for maximum impact.

Jim Cook, Senior Marketing Platforms Manager, Synovus

Jim Cook’s journey in multimedia and 3D animation led him to Synovus Marketing, where he now manages marketing platforms. His commitment to non-profit causes extends beyond the corporate world, showcasing his dedication to community impact.

Rob Bankston, Executive Director, Application Development

As a seasoned leader in Technology and Operations at Synovus Bank, Rob Bankston has a proven track record of spearheading transformation and modernization initiatives in the financial services industry. His client-centric approach and strategic thinking make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Laura Hanley, Executive Director, Marketing, Synovus

Laura Hanley’s 16-year tenure at Synovus is a testament to her dedication and expertise. Holding an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, Laura brings a unique perspective to the intersection of marketing and technology.

The Power of Innovation in Your Career

In a world driven by innovation, our panelists will shed light on how embracing new technologies and strategies can propel your career to new heights. Whether you’re a budding marketer or a tech enthusiast, this discussion promises insights that are invaluable in today’s dynamic job market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders at Synovus. Join us for an engaging discussion on “Innovation and Your Career” and discover how you can leverage innovation to shape your professional journey.

 You can still register to attend this year’s MITS, just fill out this Google form and we will see you on November 3rd.

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